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Discover urban tranquility at Curt – where cozy, stylish rooms redefine city living for a memorable and seamless stay.

The Charming by Curt

Curt Hospitality is a boutique accommodation provider that specializes in renting out cozy hotel rooms in the heart of the city. Our meticulously designed rooms offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, providing a welcoming retreat for both business and leisure travelers. With a focus on personalized service, we strive to create a memorable and homely experience for our guests, ensuring a seamless stay in the vibrant urban landscape. Discover the charm of city living with Curt Hospitality, where every room is a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling energy of the inner city.

About Us

Why you want to stay with us 

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Immerse yourself in spacious comfort at Curt Hospitality, where every meticulously designed room is tailored to accommodate a minimum of four people, ensuring ample space for both relaxation and shared moments during your stay.


Elevate your stay with our thoughtfully curated design at Curt Hospitality. Each room blends aesthetics and functionality, creating an inviting atmosphere that enhances your overall experience with a touch of modern elegance.


Embrace the convenience of our super-central location near Alexanderplatz at Curt Hospitality, providing an ideal launching pad for exploring the vibrant city. With easy access to key destinations, our hotel ensures a seamless and efficient journey, allowing you to discover the best of the cityscape effortlessly.


Tailoring to your needs, Curt Hospitality offers unparalleled flexibility, catering to both business and family travelers with options for short stays, mid-length stays, and extended stays. Experience the freedom to customize your visit, ensuring a perfect match for every journey.


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